While the core funcationality of Chromebook Getter will always remain free, we would like to introduce mulitple premium features that we belive will enhance and add to the funcationality of Chromebook Getter. Allowing you to be even more productive while using our app.

Core Funcationality

Premium Funcationality

  • Detailed AUE data reporting and charts (In Production)
  • Detailed charts and reporting on Chromebook fireware health
  • Detailed charts and reporting on Chromebook OS version health
  • Create organizational units (In Production)
  • Delete organizational units (In Production)
  • Caching to speed up core funcationality
  • Phone, Email, Video Support (Ready)
  • Detailed Chromebook usage reports based on time and location
  • See all recent users (In Production)
  • See all recent times used (In Production)
  • Chromebook Quick Search By Asset Tag (In Production)
    • View full user usage history (In Production)
    • View full time usage history (In Production)
    • Update Single Chromebook (In Production)
    • Deprovision Chrombooks
    • Disable Chromebooks
  • Get devices by enrollment date (In Production)

The list of premium features is a living doucment and subject to change based on user feedback.

Your Thoughts

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