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Chromebook Getter is a Google sheet add on that allows Gsuite super admin to get & set Chromebook meta data. It was created as a replacement for the chromebookinventory add on that was depricated on July 15th 2019. The project is maintained by AdminRemix

How It Works

Chromebook Getter is powered by Google Appscript. The add on runs locally in the user's browser and communicates directly with Google servers. This results in a smooth, streamlined app that keeps data privacy concerns at its core.

How To Install

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Tools Used

Why Not...?

Build My Own Tool

Sure! This can be done. But we know any time spent doing this is time you could be more productive as in:

  • helping teachers with their technology issues,
  • installing new phone systems,
  • or deploying Chromebooks

Let us handle the work for you. We solve the bugs and problems that come with building software on top of Google API's.