# Set Chromebooks

# Overview

The Set Chromebooks Meta Data functionality is the only way you will update Chromebook data. By using this function, you will have the option to update the data of every Chromebook on the current Google sheet.

# How To Use

  • Add-ons -> Chromebook Getter -> Chromebook Actions -> Set Chromebooks Meta Data.
    • If you have the 'Get Chromebooks' menu open you can upload using the 'Upload icon'
  • Confirm that you want to update the device using the dialog box.
  • Wait for confirmation dialog box.

# Look Under The Hood

function uploadDataSheet(): void {
  const ok = Browser.msgBox('This will update all Chromebooks on the page with changes, Are you sure?', Browser.Buttons.OK_CANCEL)
  if (ok === 'ok') {
    try {
      const currentSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetName()
      const targetSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName(currentSheet)
      const data = targetSheet.getDataRange().getValues()
      const dataShift = data.slice(1)
      const dataMap = dataShift.map((internalArray, i) => {
        return {
          orgUnitPath: internalArray[0],
          annotatedUser: internalArray[1],
          annotatedLocation: internalArray[2],
          annotatedAssetId: internalArray[3],
          notes: internalArray[4],
          deviceId: internalArray[9]
      dataMap.forEach((dataSet) => {
          dataSet as GoogleAppsScript.AdminDirectory.Schema.ChromeOsDevice,
          dataSet.deviceId as string)
      Browser.msgBox(`Updated ${dataMap.length} Chromebook(s)`)
    } catch (error) {

# Video Walkthrough

# Known Issues

# Devices Fail To Update

  • Ensure the headers are in the first row (row one is not updated)