# Get Chromebooks

# Overview

The Get Chromebooks functionality is the core way that you will interact with Chromebook Getter. By using this function you will have the option to get a single organizational unit or an organizational unit and all its child organizational units.

# How To Use

  • Add-ons -> Chromebook Getter -> Chromebook Actions -> Get Chromebooks
  • Use the Dropdown menu to choose the organizational unit you need Chromebook data for.
  • If needing child organizational units select the check box.
  • Press blue 'Get Chromebooks' button or 'Download Icon'.
  • Depending on how many devices you have, this could take a couple of minutes. Grab some coffee and come back. A dialog box will let you know when data is ready.

# Look Under The Hood

function multipleOrgGet(orgToGet: string, getSubOrgs: boolean = false) {
  try {
    // https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/63418725
    const RemoveFirstSlash: string = orgToGet.substring(1)
    const chromebooks: GoogleAppsScript.AdminDirectory.Schema.ChromeOsDevices[] = []
    let OrgsAndSubOrgs: GoogleAppsScript.AdminDirectory.Schema.OrgUnit[]
    if (getSubOrgs === true) {
      const ParentOrg = AdminDirectory.Orgunits.get(CUSTOMER, [RemoveFirstSlash])
      const ChildrenOrgs = AdminDirectory.Orgunits.list(CUSTOMER, {
        type: ALL,
        orgUnitPath: ParentOrg.orgUnitId 
      if (ChildrenOrgs && ChildrenOrgs.length > 0) {
        OrgsAndSubOrgs = [ParentOrg, ...ChildrenOrgs]
      } else {
        OrgsAndSubOrgs = [ParentOrg]
    } else {
      if (!RemoveFirstSlash) {
        OrgsAndSubOrgs = [{ orgUnitPath: '/' }]
      } else {
        OrgsAndSubOrgs = [AdminDirectory.Orgunits.get(CUSTOMER, [RemoveFirstSlash])]

        .concat(...OrgsAndSubOrgs.map(orgUnit => getChromebooksInOrg(orgUnit.orgUnitPath)))

  } catch (error) {

# Video Walkthrough


# Screen Shot

Chromebook Getter Get Side Bar

# Known Issues

# My Sidebar says 'Loading'

  • Ensure your district web filter has the following url unblocked https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue/dist/vue.js
  • Ensure that you are a domain super admin.
  • Uninstall Chromebook Getter and close your web browser, reinstall Chromebook Getter.

# Recent Users Only Shows The Last User

  • chromebookinventory showed me all of the last users?
  • This is known by the core team, we have no plans to change this funcationality currently. (7/20/2019)

# Exception: tha data validation rule has more items than the limit of 500. Use the "List from a range" criteria instead.

  • This error only happens for users with over 500 org units.
  • This issue is caused by a hard limit of app script data validation rules having a limit of 500.
  • We are looking into a fix for this issue (7/25/2019)
  • Patch Issued (8/1/2019) bypassing features for users with more than 500 orgs.
  • Issue resolved for all users (8/17/2019)

# Certain Organizational Units Will Not Pull Data or Say No Data

  • We are currently investigating this issue and have been able to recreate this issue locally. (7/20/2019)
  • Resolved (7/24/2019)