# Get All Chromebooks

# Overview

The Get All Chromebooks functionality is a quick way to get all devices in your organization with Chromebook Getter. By using this function you will have no options and the add-on will pull all Chromebooks back.

# How To Use

  • Add-ons -> Chromebook Getter -> Chromebook Actions -> Get All Chromebooks
  • Depending on how many devices you have, this could take a couple of minutes. Grab some coffee and come back. A dialog box will let you know when data is ready.

# Look Under The Hood

function pullChromebooks(
  chromebooks: GoogleAppsScript.AdminDirectory.Schema.ChromeOsDevice[] = [],
  nextPageToken: String = null
): void {
  try {
    const data = AdminDirectory.Chromeosdevices.list(CUSTOMER, {
      pageToken: nextPageToken
    if (data && data.chromeosdevices && data.chromeosdevices.length > 0) chromebooks.push(...data.chromeosdevices)
    if (data.nextPageToken) return pullChromebooks(chromebooks, data.nextPageToken)
    if (!data.nextPageToken) return buildDataSheet(chromebooks)
  } catch (error) {

# Video Walkthrough

# Known Issues

# None at this time